Gekkan Golden Bomber 8

Gekkan Golden Bomber 8

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Depending on the DVD deck, if the lens part of the deck is dirty there is a possibility that the image can not be successfully loaded or the picture stops. Sorry to trouble you, but sorry to trouble you, please use the commercially available DVD deck cleaner, clean the interior of the deck and try it.

Gekkan Golden Bomber 8

【Broadcast on 17th July 2012】Episode 15
夏の思い出No.1は誰?/ゴルボン 夏の懺悔室/飛び出せ実験くんZ!「かき氷を1分間にどれだけ食べれるか教えてー!」

【Broadcast August 16, 2012】Episode 16
夏定番!怖い話No.1は誰?/ゴルボン 夏の懺悔室/飛び出せ実験くんZ!「ザリガニとクワガタ、どれだけ危険か教えてー!」

Since this DVD has converted the video at the time of delivery to DVD,

Image quality and so on will vary depending on the number of stories.

Since there are also small ones on the screen and rough picture quality,

Please acknowledge it beforehand, thank you for your order.