I'd like to change the delivery destination of the ordered item?

If "shipping status" of the order you wish to change shipping destination from "My Order History" is "Waiting for backorder" "Under preparation for shipment" you can receive delivery address change.

If you wish to change the shipping address, please change from 'Delivery destination change' within each order details of 'Order history'.

In addition, if you contact us, if "shipment status" becomes "shipping preparation completed" before the shipping destination change procedure, we can not receive change of shipping destination, so please contact us as soon as possible .

Can I change the type and quantity of items ordered and the settlement method?

We can not change the order contents after order confirmation.
Even if you change the address registered in ID on My page, please note that the delivery address of the item already ordered will not change.

Forgot the password

You can reset your password from resetting your password .

Since an e-mail containing the URL for resetting the password is sent to the registered address, please reset from there.

Confirm / change registered information

To check / change registered information, please go from "Change registered information".

It was registered as a member, but I do not receive my registration confirmation email

Please check the following possibilities.

■It is automatically sorted as spam mail · Received refused
It may recognized as "spam" by settings of your mail service, e-mail software, anti-virus software, etc... about e-mail from this site may not arrive. Please check all mail boxes once again.

■ The input mail address is incorrect
Please confirm your e-mail address and register new account procedure again.