How to order items

Please pick a product and put it in the basket

Please select your favorite item and press "Add to shopping cart" button.
※At the stage of putting in the cart is not finalized. Please proceed to "Order completion page", please note that order confirmation will be displayed if "Order completion screen" is displayed.
Depending on the timing, the item may be out of stock before the order is completed, so please be forewarned.

Please proceed to the purchase procedure

Please check the item and amount on the shopping cart screen and push "order" button.

Please enter purchaser information

Please enter necessary information for shopping such as "name" "address" "telephone number" "mail address".

Regarding payment

You can use two payment methods.

Credit Card

We accept the card brands shown below
Paying by credit card will not require an extra commission.

card brands


You can use PayPal payment.
No settlement fee is required.

Regarding delivery

Regarding shipping items, we will arrange shipping within 3 business days, excluding weekends and holidays after your order.
※ In unavoidable circumstances (such as natural disaster etc.), it may be delayed.
We send "shipping contact mail" when shipping.
Regarding the reserved items, the shipping date will be different, so please visit each product page of silkroad store.

After sending "shipping contact mail", it will be delivered in about 7 days from the next day.
We do not specify the date of delivery of goods. I will ship it as soon as shipping preparation is completed.

In any case, we can not bundle the items ordered separately.
Since we will separately ship the items ordered separately, when ordering please be sure to order after confirming sufficiently.

Regarding Shipping fee