JPY ¥13,200 (tax included)

Depending on the DVD deck, if the lens part of the deck is dirty there is a possibility that the image can not be successfully loaded or the picture stops. Sorry to trouble you, but sorry to trouble you, please use the commercially available DVD deck cleaner, clean the interior of the deck and try it.

    • ¥12,000+Tax
    • EMPV-0016

DISC-1 Drama main part 1 to 4 episodes
DISC-2  Drama main part 5 to 8 episodes
DISC-3 Bonus videos (# First day interview, # shooting enthusiastic comment, # NG cut that does not stop laughing, etc. Over 100 minutes included


Ryuji Sato
Tsubasa Sakiyama・Takahisa Maeyama・Gaku Matsumoto・Koudai Miyagi
Kensuke Sunahara・Chiyu・Keisuke Tarumi
Riki Tanimizu・Ryota Nakanishi/Toshiyuki Someya


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①three-sided BOX Case、Photo book of 60 pages
(It is a photo album that used scenes of drama scenes, plenty of off shots at the time of shooting etc!)