DVD「Sorinokoshita Natsu」MOVIE

DVD「Sorinokoshita Natsu」MOVIE

JPY ¥2,619 (tax included)

Depending on the DVD deck, if the lens part of the deck is dirty there is a possibility that the image can not be successfully loaded or the picture stops. Sorry to trouble you, but sorry to trouble you, please use the commercially available DVD deck cleaner, clean the interior of the deck and try it.

Screenplay, Director, Starring, Editing All Golden Bomber!
A movie depicting the world of BOYS LOVE!

Movie main part/Bonus off shot footage/notice video


My name is Sho Kiruin, a high school third grader
The last summer of my high school life is about to begin in earnest.

In the ocean where he went out with his friend in the last summer of his high school life, the Kiryuin encountered a hot burning chest.
But God gave them an unexpected trial.
Gears gradually begin to distort and they step on foot into the way they can not return.

Passionately like a midsummer sun,




and man