Anli Pollicino Video Clips (2009.08〜2016.01)
Anli Pollicino

Anli Pollicino Video Clips (2009.08〜2016.01)

JPY ¥3,850 (tax included)

Depending on the DVD deck, if the lens part of the deck is dirty there is a possibility that the image can not be successfully loaded or the picture stops. Sorry to trouble you, but sorry to trouble you, please use the commercially available DVD deck cleaner, clean the interior of the deck and try it.

1    Mr.0 -LIVE PV- 
2    Street smarts -LIVE PV- 
3    Labyrinth -LIVE PV-         
4    SLUM JUMP -LIVE PV-         
5    Taste Me -Europe tour LIVE PV-        
6    Snow Venus -Europe tour LIVE PV-        
7    Angel Heart        
8    Lips to Lips        
9    SHIRAYUKI       
10    SHIRAYURI Vanessa    
11    見返りZAKURA        
12    NONONON        
13   Sasoriza no Onna      
14    Hakoniwa Ecstasy   
15    Crescent Moment        
16    Vanity Rose